Cotton Candy Bundled Set

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We wanted to create this bundled set to include all of our must haves for this Holiday Season! The Anastasia ring and earrings has been our most popular item for over 3 years. The cotton candy jacket is our most popular monogrammed outer wear! We offer it in kid sizes-adult plus. We are proud to now offer this set at a discounted price for those customers who want the Most Popular Seasonal Items! This Anastasia set comes with the Single Band Anastasia Ring, Earrings and our cotton candy jacket! These items cost $133.00 but if you purchase as a set you will only pay $99.99!

The ring runs true to U.S sizes. If you do not know your ring size, please get your finger measured at any local jewelry before ordering. If you do not want to go to a local jewelry store then Walmart offer self ring sizers. All sales are final due to customization so it is very important to know your ring size before ordering.

These items are ALL 925 Sterling Silver. Please note the black camera is reflecting in the jewelry. Sterling Silver is very reflective and will reflect off of anything in front of it.  This jewelry is all silver and does not appear black.

We include a FREE polishing cloth so you can clean your jewelry whenever necessary.


Most common questions:

Q1. What if my item looses a cubic zirconia?

A1. We offer a 90 day extended warranty on defective items.

Q2. How can I properly clean this item?

A2. We include a FREE  pink polishing cloth. Please clean the item with this cloth whenever necessary. We make these items resistant to tarnishing elements, but they still may acquire over time.

Q3. Can I get this item wet?

A3. Yes you can! (:    You can shower, wash dishes etc with this ring. However, you should NOT wear these items in pools or hot tubs due to the chemicals. Chemicals will cause a chemical reaction with the items and can ruin them. We suggest also taking the ring off before cleaning due to the chemicals.

Q4. How Can I Wash This Jacket?

A4. Turn this jacket inside out and wash cold on delicate.  Hang dry.


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